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Wine has been a Ravier family tradition for generations, passed down from Father to son.

Today, the Ravier vineyard is run by Philippe and Sylvain, whose privilege it is to manage our family’s 35 hectare estate.

A proud Father and son partnership who work the vines with love and whose roots run deep in the heart of Savoie.


At the Ravier vineyard, wine has been our family’s business for generations.

The head of the company, Philippe was born into a family of Savoie winemakers.

His path in life was set from a young age and he is devoted to our land and vines.


In 2004, Sylvain joined his father in this extraordinary wine adventure and shares

the same passion and respect for the land & pride in a job well done.

Label Vignobles et découvertes

The Ravier vineyard has turned the 3 hectares of yesterday into 30 hectares today.

Our land nurtures an amazing diversity that is present in our wine and appellations.



Claudine and Philippe's son Sylvain joined
the business in 2004. His youth and enthusiasm have
opened up new perspectives. Full of ambition and ideas,
Sylvain energised the vineyard by creating
wines that match his personality. His wine is the expression
of who he is ; generous and full of finesse.
His constant vision is of a wine that brings people together
and encourages friendship.

a passionate winemaker has always
known the extraordinary potential of Savoie wines.
He is a bold and adventurous pioneer of
the Savoie wine industry.
With a strong commitment to promoting
Savoie winemaking and producing excellent quality wines
 the Ravier vineyard has become a leader
in the Savoie wine industry.


has always provided support to Philippe

as he carries out his vocation. She has a very important administrative and sales role at the company.
She has a hand in pretty much everything and also has the

difficult task of assisting the co-owners in their decisions.
Always ready to listen, she offers advice, plays devil's

advocate and encourages the father-son team to move
forward with their ideas.

Those who have the opportunity to visit the wine cellar,

experience her upbeat and generous nature firsthand.

Philippe et Sylvain Ravier



Domaine des Boissonnets - 68 chemin du cellier - 73800 Myans - France


Tel. : +33 (0)4 79 28 17 75




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Label Vignobles et découvertes

Philippe et Sylvain Ravier



Domaine des Boissonnets

68 chemin du cellier

73800 Myans - France

Phone : +33 (0)4 79 28 17 75






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